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Christine & Mauricio

Members since 2019

RealWealth Membership Benefits

  • Connect easily with trusted property teams.
  • Change your life with incredible educational tools and resources.
  • Find the best real estate markets with expert knowledge and supportive investment counselors.
  • Build a team of lenders, CPAs, home inspectors, and more.
  • Create a life by design so you can focus on what matters most.

RealWealth’s Mission

We define real wealth as “having the money and the freedom to live life on your own terms.” We’ve been helping RealWealth members do just that since 2003 by providing:

1. Real Estate Education

Our members have exclusive access to hundreds of educational resources, including well-researched articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, and live events.  

2. Investment Opportunities

We use our real estate expertise and knowledge to identify the best real estate markets and investment projects for our members.

3. Real Estate Connections

We connect our members with vetted property teams nationwide that sell single and multi-family properties. We also provide a network of trusted resources, including 1031 exchange intermediaries, lenders, CPAs, and attorneys.

We’ve helped 75,555+ members create real wealth with real estate. Join RealWealth today!

More Reviews from RealWealth Members

Malcolm & Merry

Members since 2017

“We bought a property for about 100k and then kind of went from there. We’ve purchased 12 properties since then and it’s been really, really beneficial.”


Members since 2017

“You gotta just go for it, that’s what I did eventually, you just gotta start investing, because the best time to start investing is yesterday but the second best time is now.”

Claudia & Julian Fraser

Members since 2012

“We turned 1 failing beach house into 7 cash flowing properties.”

Paul & Cheryl Choate

Members since 2011

“We increased our income 6 times with 1 property…”

Solhony & Anushka

Members since 2023

“Being able to take away the knowledge and connections that RealWealth is building off of, I’m excited to start my investing journey.”

Wayne & Danelle Brice

Members since 2014

“I retired a month ago & can now focus on what matters most..”

Cindy & Oscar 

Members since 2019

“Real estate is an asset that has historically proven to provide good return of investment…I get the cash flow, I get appreciation, I get tax benefits and I also get the debt-to-payment back to me.”

Robby & Athena

Members since 2023

“I believe I was 21 when I first invested. We have the goal of ultimately having 20 properties and diversifying along the way.”
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